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Full text of "Princeton Review letter to UI 2013"

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August 2, 2013 By Fed-Ex for Priority AM Delivery Mon. Aug. 5. 2013 

To: Tom Moore, University Spokesperson 
University Communications 
300 Plaza Center One / 125 S. Dubuque St. 
Iowa City, IA 52242 

cc: Sally Mason, President 

President's Office 

101 Jessup Hall 

Iowa City, IA 52242-1316 

Dear Mr. Moore, 

Attached is an embargoed release I will issue Monday, August 5, at about 2 PM EDT on the 
annual college ranking lists in the new 2014 edition of The Princeton Review book, The Best 
378 Colleges (enclosed) that publishes Tuesday, August 6. 

The release references 18 of the 62 ranking list categories in the book and names the #1 schools 
on those lists. Among them: the book's "Party Schools" list on which the University of Iowa is 
#1. This appears on the second page of the release, in the bulleted list titled, "Other lists in The 
Best 378 Colleges and #1 colleges on them. .." 

All 62 of the ranking lists in this book are based on The Princeton Review's surveys of students 
at the 378 schools in the book. On the 80-question survey, students rate their own colleges on a 
wide range of topics and report on their campus experiences at them. The "Party Schools" list 
and corollary list, "Stone-cold Sober Schools," (also cited in the release) are both based on 
students' answers to survey questions concerning: the use of alcohol and drugs on their campus, 
the popularity of the frat/sorority scene at their school and the number of hours they report they 
study each day outside of class time. For the ranking lists in this edition, The Princeton Review 
tallied surveys of 126,000 students attending the 378 schools in the book. (Note: students do not 
"vote" schools onto a ranking list, nor does The Princeton Review tally more than one survey 
from an individual student about his/her school per academic school year.) 

The University of Iowa is also on five other ranking lists in this edition of the book including #7 
for "Students Pack the Stadiums" (attached is a sheet listing them all). 

The ranking lists are in the book on pp. 37-52: "School Rankings and Lists." Information about 
how Princeton Review conducts its student survey, which is the sole basis for the rankings, is on 
p. 22 in the book - "About Our Student Survey for our "Best Colleges' Books." 

In the book's profile of the University of Iowa (pp 638-39), you will also see rating numbers. 
The ratings are scores on a scale of 60 to 99 that The Princeton Review gives to all 377 schools 
in the book in eight categories. Unlike the ranking lists (which are based solely on data from the 
student survey) the rating scores are based primarily on institutional data the schools provide to 

The Princeton Review. Information about the bases for all the ratings in the book is in the 
introductory section, "How This Book is Organized" (p. 23). 

Also a note the book's profiles: With the exception of the profile section titled "School Says.... 
From the Admissions Office" (which is supplied to us by the schools) all comments in quotes in 
the profiles are from students we surveyed at the university. The profile sidebar, "Survey Says" 
lists some of the topics on the student survey that students showed high agreement about. All 
text not in quotes in the profile is from The Princeton Review writers/editors. All data in the 
profiles was provided directly to us from the schools in 2012-13, and we submit a copy of the 
school profile to our institutional contact at the school in March for review and fact-checking 
during our editorial process each year. 

The Princeton Review has featured the University of Iowa in its annual "Best Colleges" 
guidebook for 22 years (since the first publication of it in 1992). The guide profiles the 
undergraduate institutions that the Princeton Review considers academically excellent — the best 
in the country for undergraduate education: only about 15% of the nation's four-year colleges are 
in it. The schools are also recommended on Princeton Review's website, where all of the book's 
ranking lists, rating scores and school profiles, information about the methodology for the 
rankings and other content in the book is reported and accessible for free. 

The Princeton Review also recommends the University of Iowa to students in other resources 
that are available for free. Among them: the "The Princeton Review Guide to 322 Green 
Colleges, " a free downloadable booklet 
that the Company annually publishes in April in partnership with the U.S. Green Building 
Council. UI has been in this guide for all four years we have published it - largely due to the 
high "Green" rating scores it has received from The Princeton Review for its commitment to the 
environment and sustainability programs. Its new score for 2014 is 87. 

The university is also one of 155 institutions The Princeton Review recommends as "Best in the 
Midwest" in its website section, Best Colleges, Region-by-Region: 

On Monday early afternoon, The Princeton Review will post on the 
school profiles, the book's 62 "top 20" ranking lists, our press releases and other information. 
Shortly afterwards, The Princeton Review will email its administrative contacts at each school 
information about the book's publication and their school's inclusion in it, including a pdf of their 
profile in the book, a list of ranking lists the school is on, our news release and other resources. 
(I have added your name to the list of individuals at the University of Iowa to whom the 
Princeton Review will be emailing this information.) 

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them or put you in touch with the appropriate 
persons at The Princeton Review. 

Jeanne Krier 

Publicist for Random House / Princeton Review Books 
j eanne(o)j , 212-539-1350